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Knowledge Base

Organisations typically have many procedures, rules, policies, plans, systems and pieces of information contained in a variety of forms ranging from manuals and written policies to emails, memos and information simply memorised by staff.

Managing all of this information, keeping it up to date and relevant, making it easily accessible and simply preserving it can present a major problem. The best way to overcome this is to assemble it into a single, online Knowledge Base which works like a standard Windows help file. Value for Money Consulting can help you achieve this and you will quickly see the benefits such as:

• The Knowledge Base would be e-book based which means that all important    information is readily accessible on screen to all colleagues.

• The Knowledge Base would be fully searchable which means that information is always easy to find.

• Information is all in one place which avoids “reinventing the wheel".

• Information is logically organised which improves clarity and decision making.

• Training of new employees is reduced as they have immediate access to all the information they will need via the Knowledge Base.

• Linking the Knowledge Base to the requirements of quality standards such as Investors in People or Lexcel is a major benefit during the audit process.