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Organisation, systems and process improvement

Getting your business organised with efficient and reliable systems is vital in order to avoid wasting time and energy, avoid making mistakes, avoid losing productivity and, worse, avoid losing clients .

Often businesses develop from small beginnings with little or no thought given to systems and processes, simply inventing ways of doing things as they arise.

Unfortunately these ad-hoc systems often become the norm and are frequently inefficient and seldom challenged.

Usually it needs someone independent to see what is happening. This is where Value for Money can help.

Using quality improvement techniques and by involving those who operate a particular system or process, we will challenge each step in detail and test out the process.

This will lead to one of two possible outcomes:

• The process will be found to be robust and efficient already or

• Improvements will be identified which will save time, effort and money and will    often improve staff morale by relieving them of unnecessary tasks.