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Project Management

Managing a one-off project can be very time consuming and stressful.

Take for example, an office move. We know from first-hand experience that there are simply hundreds of different issues which need dealing with. Just think about how complicated it is when you move house, then multiply it many times over.

Bringing all of the issues together at the right time to ensure the right result, whilst carrying on with your normal work, is daunting.

Lack of attention to detail and lack of control of the practicalities can lead to chaos, which inevitably means loss of production and unnecessary expense.

However, to ensure a trouble-free project there is no substitute for detailed planning and close management of all the different practical issues. Many small businesses simply do not have the extra resources that are required to manage a project so that the right outcome is achieved.

At Value for Money Consulting we have substantial, hands-on experience of managing complex projects and, in particular, office moves and reorganisations.

If you are considering reorganising, moving or, indeed, any other type of project, contact us for a free initial discussion and let us take the strain away.