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The Value for Money Guarantee

Adding value is something that Value for Money takes very seriously.

There are two strands to this:

• Our charging rates are set at affordable levels.

Hiring consutants can often be very expensive. Value for Money aims to provide quality services at a sensible cost.

You can choose from an hourly rate or a daily rate. The daily rate (based on a seven hour days being 9am to 5pm day with a one hour break) represents a discount on the standard hourly rate.

From January 2017 our standard rates are:

Hourly rate £    75
Daily rate   £  525

• You may apply the Value for Money Guarantee if you are not satisfied

You will be invoiced at the standard rate but in the unlikely event that you consider that you have not received value for money then you may discount the invoice by up to 20% and let us know why you are not satisfied. This is our value for money guarantee.
(Note: Travel/mileage costs may apply in some instances, subject to negotiation)